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Sage Cleansing has been carried out for many years, initially by the native people. It is also known as smudging and is carried out to cleanse and purify your aura, home or space from any negative energy or negative spirits.

Sage cleansing will fill your aura or space with peace, harmony and protection.  

Our White Sage is 100% pure white Sage with no other fillers or preservatives. Our smudge wands are 100% Australian grown on Aussie soil. They are organically grown with no pesticides and sustainably harvested. 
It’s important to be aware that any imported Sage must be fumigated by Australian law in order to be allowed to enter this country. Fumigation is a toxic chemical that is designed to kill any bugs or harmful micro pests on the plant. Fumigation is a poison, which imported Sage is laced with. So when you are burning imported Sage you also may be releasing the toxic fumes of poison from the fumigation process into your home.

White Sage Wand - approx. 10cm